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We take every possible care to keep your private information protected at all times. Our Privacy Policy statement provides details of the policies and practices we follow to manage our business. By accessing this policy, you give your implicit consent to the procedures we have adopted and followed.

This Privacy Policy Statement provides details about the process of collecting, maintaining, and using the information we receive from users of our services/website.

Collection of Personal Information

When you visit our website, we may collect your personal identification in many ways. We do so even when you or any of our visitors carry out specific actions such as subscribing to our newsletter, placing an order, filling out an online form, or performing any other activity by using our website's various tools and resources.

Based on our privacy policy, we may you for your personal details, including your name, contact number, and personal email address. You have the freedom to refuse to provide such information. However, you may not be allowed access to our website in such cases. You will also not be able to perform any activities on our website.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

As a business entity, we may have to collect information structured as non-personal from our visitors. We may ask for technical information pertaining to the type of browser you use, web connectivity details, and ISP-related details.

Use of Collected Information

We make use of the information collected from you and other users to carry out important tasks like the processing of transactions. The information you share while placing an order may be used only to provide service for that specific order.

We will not use this information for sharing with others except for delivering the exceptional quality of service we are known for. We will use the email address provided by you for processing your orders and also to send you any information about the specific order or general updates. We may also use your email address to respond to your queries and address your problems satisfactorily.

If you have registered your email address on your website, you may receive emails covering data related to company news and our products and services. Our only intention is to provide quick, accurate, and updated information about our products and services. If you don't want to receive this information and updates, you can unsubscribe from receiving new emails in the future. We provide step-by-step guidance on unsubscribing from our email mailing list at the end of every email. You can also access the information by visiting our website.

We have ensured complete protection against any attempt to access your personal information in an unauthorized manner by designing our data collection and processing methods suitably. We have put the right systems in place to prevent any such attempts that can result in the alteration, destruction, or illegal disclosure of your personal information and data we have in our possession. They are stored securely.

We use SSL secured communication systems for exchanging sensitive and private data with visitors. We wish to convey that all such communication content is suitably encrypted and further protected through digital signatures.

Sharing Personal Information – When Do We Do It

We have already stated very clearly that we will not misuse any personal information you have shared with us. However, we may share some generic information with our partners and associates. These may be in the form of generic cumulative demographic-specific information unrelated to your personal information.

Links to Other Websites

Our website may contain links to other websites operated by third parties and over which we have no control. If you click on any such external link, you will be taken to a third-party site. As we are not responsible for the content on any such sites and have no control over them, we strongly advise that you visit and review the Privacy Policy of every such site you visit. We are not responsible for any adverse experience you may have because of visiting such sites.

Usage of Cookies

We use tracking technologies like cookies to track your activities on our website. We may hold some information gained from these cookies, which are files with small sums of data.

You are at liberty to set your browser to refuse all such cookies. You can also ask for an indicator of when a cookie is being sent. If you are not comfortable using cookies, you may not be able to access some important areas of service. Some of the cookies we use are session cookies, preference cookies, security cookies, and ad cookies.

Changes To The Privacy Policy Statement

We have the right to update this privacy policy statement at any time. We will inform you of the changes we have carried as and when we do it. We will also provide dates of the changes we have incorporated on this page.

You agree that you will be responsible for noticing such changes and agree to keep a close watch on our privacy policy. By continuing to use our website even after noticing the changes in our privacy policy, you indicate your acceptance of the changed Privacy Policy document.

Acceptance of Terms of Policy

Your continued use of our website is a clear indication that you have accepted the terms of our service. If you do not agree with the changes, please stop using our website.