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Marquètte AI-powered platform is your ultimate content generation tool. Save your time and money by making your writing easy and super-fast!

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What You Get

Marquètte is an AI-powered platform capable of processing Big Data to deliver content in many forms. See how it works to generate content and answer user questions.

AI Content Generator

Never again will your content creation process stop because of writer’s block. Marquètte is an AI content generation tool that will provide fresh posts your target audience is most interested in. Boost your conversions by offering valuable content!

Content Generation
Market Insights

Content templates

With your Marquètte subscription, you’ll be able to generate content easily using our collection of templates. Do you need to create a blog post, basic business analysis, SMM post, or an email? Marquètte will do it in moments!

AI-Powered Intelligence

Marquètte uses AI and Big Data to generate an opinion on a variety of subjects. Use immense AI processing power to see a matter from multiple angles fast!

AI-Generated Answers
Supreme Support

Supreme Support

The Marquètte AI-powered platform team is always within easy reach. Email and chat support are available to all subscribers. And you can get access to a personal consultant to help with any questions.

Mobile devices

Mobile-Friendly, Fast and Responsive

Data and insights are with you everywhere thanks to our mobile-first design. Marquètte is an AI-powered platform optimized for all devices. Don’t let any critical trend changes and industry developments go unnoticed!

What Marquètte can do for you

Marquètte is an AI-powered platform that will provide you with actionable insights that can help transform your business

AI Content Generation Tool

Use the Marquètte AI content generator to create posts from templates and ensure your copywriters are supplied with ideas and research materials. Marquètte can be used as an AI content writer for any industry. Boost your marketing strategy and get a significant advantage over your competitors.

Basic research becomes easy and affordable with Marquètte. Our AI-powered platform gets information from multiple digital sources. It uses AI and Big Data to provide you with opinions about the market, industry trends, and your competitors. And all of it is affordable and fast!

Want to know how to change your UI/UX design for max efficiency? Or what the latest trends in your industry are? Marquètte will help you answer all these questions and more! Use it to make sure your business is always a step ahead.

Risks are inherent in business. But it’s within your power to minimize them. The AI-powered platform Marquètte will be your ally in reducing risks by valuable information on many topics.

Marquètte can use AI-powered business intelligence to help you find detailed information about any industry. Use its power to identify new opportunities for your business. Act on the insights to gain an immediate advantage!

The Future is Now

Marquètte can give you multiple opinions about business, industry trends, design, and many other topics. Check out the most popular questions our clients ask. Subscribe and get valuable info for your business!





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Who Can Use Marquètte

Marquètte is a versatile AI solution that can benefit anyone. It’s all about how you choose to use it. The applications of this AI-powered platform are innumerable.

Content Writers

Marquètte is a fantastic AI content generator that gives you ideas and helps create any content. Templates make it even easier to generate the type of content you need!

Marketing Agencies

Marquètte helps marketing agencies work with maximum efficiency. Boost the speed of your content creation by providing your team with an AI content generation tool.

College Students

You can use the AI-powered platform when working on essays and projects. We even have a template for mathematical formulas.

Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

Coming up with new marketing ideas or strategies can be hard for startups and small entrepreneurs. But Marquètte makes it easier by giving you valuable opinions from different sources. You can use them to kickstart many interesting campaigns.

Small & Medium Business Owners

SMBs can use Marquètte to help plan their business strategies. Study competitors' activities, industry trends and act on the ideas you get to keep your business ahead.

Enterprise-Level Companies

Enterprises can use Marquètte to stay informed about their target audience’s preferences by studying opinions from the WEB. This can help optimize various processes within the enterprise.

Start using the full power of Marquètte right away!

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When you subscribe to the Silver Plan, you get access to the Marquètte AI-powered platform and all its features for the duration of 30 days. You also get 20,000 coins used to ‘pay’ for generated content. In addition, with this plan, you receive free market insights for your industry on the user Home page. Also, you get access to top-quality customer support via email.

We use Stripe for payment processing. Stripe is one of the leaders among secure and efficient payment processing services available online today. We do not get access to your credit card information, and it’s not stored within our databases. Your payment is 100% safe and secure!

The Silver Plan subscription gives you 20,000 coins. The in-app ‘payment system’ counts 1 coin per word. Therefore, you can generate up to 20,000 words of content with a monthly subscription.

Yes! You can enjoy using the Marquètte AI content writing software FREE for 7 days. Explore the features of the product to see how well it can complement your content generation process. You will need to provide your credit card information when signing up for the free trial. However, you won’t be billed for 7 days.

To help content writers save more time and make using Marquètte more convenient, we created content Templates. These are different post presets you can use to generate specific types of content, for example, blog or SMM posts. In addition, you can use Templates to generate complex mathematical formulas to insert into the text. We also offer a Template that gives a quick business analysis of any company, which you can use for research to enrich your own articles.

Marquètte is an AI-powered platform that uses GPT-3 based language models from OpenAI. This AI learns by browsing texts on the Internet and processing textual content to predict sequences of words based on a variety of scenarios. It means that the answers provided by the AI content generator come from the vast global library of existing knowledge.

When using the Marquètte AI-powered platform, your data is completely secure. We do not use it to provide any additional training to AI or store it within our servers. All data processing is transient. Ensuring your privacy is our top priority. Marquètte runs on AWS and we use all possible precautions to keep your data protected. Our high security standards entail frequent updates to ensure your protection is always top-notch.

We are always ready to answer any questions you have or offer assistance with any issues.Please get in touch with us anytime!

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